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Improve Your Putting, Lower Your Score

Former PGA Tour player Larry Rinker endorses the Putting Stroke Teacher because it trains exactly what Larry worked on with his father when he led the PGA Tour in putting in 1990; proper alignment of the forearms. Larry Rinker is now a top short game instructor in Florida and Colorado with his own golf instruction show on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio Sirius 208 and XM 93. You can discover how “The Putting Stroke Teacher” is the perfect golf putting aid to start making more putts.

This very simple, user friendly device is surprisingly effective at getting you to set-up square every time. Many golfers see it, feel it, and get it after just hitting a few putts. The Putting Stroke Teacher is also designed to be adjustable for any golfer regardless of their putting style. Three fundamentals are obtained by using the Putting Stroke Teacher.

1. Allows a golfer to confirm forearm and shoulder alignment visually.
2. Helps the path of the putter to be straight down the line at impact.
3. Creates a more solid impact by hitting putts in the center of the club face.

Package includes -1 rubber covered steel frame, 2 Velcro straps and 2 rods with instructions for use. Very light weight and easily fits into your golf bag.

  • I have spent hundreds of $ on golf lessons and when I am done, I find it hard to maintain improvement. Once I adjust the device to my posture I can repeat everything. This device does not force any result, but it is a great tool to help me know that I am aimed correctly, I address the ball the same every time and I can confidently practice focusing only on stroke and tempo. I build muscle memory each time I use The Putting Stroke Teacher and it goes with me wherever my bag goes. Used with training sticks this device allows me evaluate each factor that effects my putting and address them separately. Great stuff right here. No gimmick, its like having a coach in my bag.

    Amazing- Like a coach I carry in my golf bag!
  • In Florida for the winter I am lucky enough to watch some tour pros practice and I saw this putting aid being used to check alignment and repeat their swing path. I asked what it was called and then found it in a Dick’s store. I used it for a short time and quickly found a new confidence in my putting game. No need for another pair of eyes telling me if I am aimed correctly, Best money I could spend on my golf!

    Tour pros and top instructors love this device!
  • The best putting aid I’ve tried! The very light weight and simple design provides a realistic feel during practice. The instant feedback is excellent!

    Best help I ever received with putting
  • Once adjusted to fit my setup this simple device showed me exactly how I was lined up. I was able to see where to move my shoulders and arm to get aligned perfectly and rolled putts consistently down the intended path.
    Very light and compact with amazing feedback

    This training aid corrected my alignment problem in 5 minutes!
  • This device works great to get a putt started on a known aim line. If you use it with training sticks laid down on that aim line for a putt, you can roll that same put dozens of times knowing that your setup is consistent, leaving you to work on stroke and tempo. It all fits neatly into my bag, so I can have it handy when I get an opportunity to practice prior to a round.

    Ivan on May 20, 2015