The Putting Stroke Teacher - putting tipsAs golf teaching professionals we continually strive to find ways to help golfers improve their skills and enjoy the game of golf more. Most instructors will agree that the quickest and easiest path to improving the average golfer’s scores and level of enjoyment is to work on their skills on and around the greens.

Statistics show that putting accounts for 43% of all strokes taken by the average golfer in a round of golf.. Putting as well as other short game shots obviously do not require the same level of strength or athletic ability that is beneficial when executing the longer shots. Therefore every golfer regardless of age or physical ability has a realistic potential to become excellent putters. It simply requires learning and practicing some key fundamentals.

We studied the most common faults noticed among our students as well as the key fundamentals of the best putters in the game and worked on developing a putting aid that would address these issues in a simple, effective and realistic manner. After many different prototype models we produced a very effective golf putting aid that we have tested among golfers of all skill level from novice to tour professional with extremely positive results. The prototype has been used in a new teaching program called “Get Golf Ready in 5 Days” to help new golfers that have never rolled a putt before. They quickly became comfortable and confident rolling putts and learning the feel of proper fundamentals. We set out with a goal of helping all golfers improve their putting skills and we could not be more pleased and excited about the results this training aid has shown.