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The Putting Stroke Teacher

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I use  The Putting Stroke Teacher & it goes wherever my bag goes. Used with training sticks this device allows me to evaluate each factor that effects my putting. No gimmick, It's like having a coach in my bag.

Nick Scaffidi

The best putting aid I've tried! The very light weight and simple design provides a realistic feel during practice

Peter Montgomery

The device works great to get a putt started on a known aim line...It all fits neatly into my bag so I can have it handy when I get an opportunity to practice. 

John Fredman

The Only Putting Aid You Will Ever Need

You can discover how “The Putting Stroke Teacher” is the perfect golf putting aid to start making more putts. This very simple, user friendly putting aid is surprisingly effective at getting you to set-up square every time. Many golfers see it, feel it, and get it after just hitting a few putts. The Putting Stroke Teacher putting aid is also designed to be adjustable for any golfer regardless of their putting style.