How It Works - The Putting Stroke Teacher

Tip 1:

Alignment of the shoulders and forearms parallel to the aim line of the putter face is a key fundamental that allows the putter head, hands and arms to swing naturally and consistently on the intended aim line.

Shoulder Alignment Drill:
“The Putting Stroke Teacher”golf putting aid allows the golfer in the playing position to use their eyes to confirm correct alignment of the forearms and shoulders. The eyes can easily match up the training aid rods on the forearms with an aiming stick positioned on the ground behind the player’s heels and parallel to the aim line of the putter face. Practice rolling putts as you match the putting aid rods to the aiming stick behind your heels.

Tip 2:

A successful putt depends on 2 factors, line and speed. After choosing the correct line the golfer must roll the ball on that line at the correct speed to hole the putt. Improving your speed control will leave the ball closer to the hole when you miss the correct line. The fundamental that produces good speed control is to have the elapsed time (rythmn) from start of the swing to the finish be equal for every length putt. To roll the ball a different distance you simply increase or decrease the length of the swing motion but the time it takes to complete each swing is the same. In other words; the rate of speed the putter head travels for a 30 foot putt will be faster than for a 4 foot putt but the total time it takes to complete each swing is equal.

Speed Control Drill:
On the practice green use 4 tee pegs to mark the corners of a rectangular box about 4 feet wide by 1foot deep. Now place a few balls at the 6, 12, and 24 foot distance from the box.

Start by rolling the first ball from the 6 foot distance into the box. Focus on swinging the putter head with a smooth rate of speed back and then accelerate the putter head forward through contact. Vary only the length of the swing motion until you roll the six foot putts into the box consistently. Then move to the 12 foot distance and use a slightly longer swing at a little faster swing speed to roll the balls into the box. Continue the same process with the 24 foot length putts focusing on increasing the swing speed as you increase the range of motion. Remember to accelerate the putter head during the forward swing past impact.