How Does The Putting Stroke Teacher Work?

As adults, we reminisce on the days spent playing 18 holes with our family. Of course, at the time, these holes were 10 yards away and only required a putter. Yes, we all remember cursing as we scored 6 on a par 3 hole at the local mini putt course.


Now, our holes are hundreds of yards, we have a set of 14 clubs to choose from, and challenging courses all around the world. And yet, we still struggle with that same putt. Private lessons are expensive. But what if you could practice with a teacher who charges a one-time fee of 29.95? A teacher who hung out in your golf bag ready to help whenever you need it? Meet The Putting Stroke Teacher!


The Putting Stroke Teacher is the quickest and most simple way to train your eyes, mind and body how to always make the perfect putt. The Putting Stroke Teacher teaches golfers how to aim the putter’s face perfectly square while training the golfer’s hands, arms, and wrists through muscle memory. Teaching your body how it feels to make the perfect put is really the first step. The rods will act as aids providing feedback to your forearms.


First, adjust the rods so they are perpendicular to the putter face and rest gently on top of at least one forearm depending on grip style. Now, while in the playing position place an alignment stick on the ground behind the golfer’s heels and parallel to the intended putt line. With your eyes over the ball, you will easily see the rods on your forearms can be lined up parallel to the aim line behind your heels. When they are parallel you can be certain your putter face is perfectly square to the intended aim line.


The rods on The Putting Stroke Teacher will rest on your forearms during the putt. If the rod slides on your skin during your swing, this informs you that you are putting with too much wrist. This means that the putter’s face is not remaining square to the path of the swing.
The Putting Stroke Teacher training aid is like having your personal coach in your golf bag ready to help you improve. Go to to see videos on how to assemble, adjust and practice with The Putting Stroke Teacher training aid. Purchase yours today!