How to Play Golf more Quickly And Stress Free

In an effort to attract NEW golfers to the game as well as improve the level of enjoyment for existing golfers, we need to shorten the time it takes to play a round of golf.

Golfers of every skill level including the “Nervous Beginner” can easily and comfortably reduce the time to play a round of golf by simply being more efficient with their movements and shot planning on every hole. No need to be stressed and rush your shots, just learn and incorporate some basic time saving etiquette.


10 Basic Tips to Help Recreational Golfers Play Quicker Rounds.


  1. On the first Tee have the group agree to play “Ready Golf” for the round. If the golfer expected to play is not ready then another golfer may go ahead and play out of order if safe to do so.
  2. Be ready to play your shot when it is your turn. That means you are at or safely close to your ball; you have the correct club in hand; you play your shot in less than 40 seconds. Calculating distance, checking wind, putting your glove on etc. can usually be done while waiting for your golf partner to play.
  3. When sharing a power golf car you should drop off your partner at their ball with a few clubs then if safe to do so, proceed to your ball to get ready for your shot. It is usually much quicker to go pick up your partner after each has played their shot rather than wait near each other’s ball.
  4. After playing your shot get into the power golf car holding your club until you have reached the next shot. Then you can put your club into the bag and choose the required club for the present shot. Less trips to the golf bag save a significant amount of time during the round.
  5. Help your power golf car partner advance the golf car toward the green. If one golfer needs to take a few clubs and walk to their shot because the golf car is not allowed in the area of the ball, then the other golfer can move the golf car forward to a suitable area for both golfers to access after playing.
  6. When playing a shot from a sand bunker bring the rake into the sand bunker with you and lay it close by so you can more quickly clean the sand up after your shot and continue on.
  7. When either riding or walking always leave your clubs or the power cart on the side of the green you intend to exit on to the next hole.
  8. When your group has reached the green to putt you can usually assess your putt without disrupting your playing partner while they putt their ball. Being ready to putt as soon as it’s your turn will save a huge amount of time throughout the round.
  9. Always mark the scorecard on the next tee while waiting for your partners to play rather than stand on the green you just finished and count the scores.
  10. Statistics show that the average number of putts in a round of golf account for 43% of all shots taken. Obviously the less putts per round you play will reduce the time required to play the round. Spending a little time to practice your putting either at home on a carpet or on the practice putting green will definitely reduce your putts per round and save time.


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