Quick Tips for a Slice-free Golf Game

Why a golf ball curves:


When a golf ball is launched into the air and as it flies if it also is spinning or rotating in a clockwise direction, the ball will curve to the right in the direction of the rotation.


What causes side spinning of the ball?


At the instant the ball is struck; if the face of the club-head is pointing to the right of the actual path the club-head is swinging along, this causes the ball to rotate with clockwise sidespin as it leaves the face. If the clubface is pointing left of the swing path at impact the ball will rotate counterclockwise causing the ball to curve left.


How to reduce side-spin and eliminate your curve:


For the ball to fly straight it must leave the clubface with minimal or no sidespin. To achieve this result you must square the face of the club head perpendicular to the swing path of the club head at the instant impact is made. Once you learn to square the clubface to the swing path you then need to learn to get your swing path going along your intended line to the target.


Keys to help you square the clubface at impact and swing along the intended path:


  • Keep your arms and hands relaxed and tension free throughout the entire swing.
  • For the right hand golfer let your hands and forearms rotate the handle (like a steering wheel) to the right during the backswing then to the left at and beyond impact.
  • Maintain solid footing and stable balance on your feet during the entire swing.
  • A line across your shoulders and across your hips should be parallel to your intended aim line.
  • For the right hand golfer turn your right hip pocket more behind you during the backswing to give you more room to swing the club head on the proper swing path. This will really help you swing your hands and the handle on a more efficient path to create that square contact with the ball.


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