Tips to Help You Play Your Best Long Game

Spring is here and that means golfers are eager to get on the fairways and greens! It is also time to tune up your full swing skills. Whether you have a slice, a hook or a little of everything, try these tips to help you improve your long game and find the fairways more often.


Stay relaxed and don’t let your nerves control your swing.

If you are not warmed up on the first tee, you are trying to impress a client, or it is a challenging drive, remember to take your time and focus on making a smooth full swing. Think about softening your grip pressure and breathing steadily as you stand over the ball. Stay loose with a little waggle and review your target before you start your backswing.


Prevent your ball from slicing to the right (for a right-handed player).

Both arms must remain relaxed during the entire swing to allow your hands and forearms to rotate the handle (like a steering wheel) to the left as the club face returns to impact with the ball. This will square the clubface to the intended swing path and prevent that sidespin to the right. The ball position should be closer to the left foot at a point where the clubface naturally becomes square to the aim line.


Prevent that hook to the left of the fairway (for the right-handed player).

As you set up to the ball be sure your shoulders and hip line are parallel to the intended aim line. From the top or finish of the backswing you must shift your full weight to the left foot as you begin the down swing. It is crucial to keep your hips and chest rotating to the left after impact so you finish with your belt buckle facing left of the target.


Feel like your ball is flying all over the place and you don’t know where to start?

The most important thing is to maintain your posture and balance during the entire swing. A smooth steady rhythm will help you shift your weight in perfect balance and produce a solid powerful strike of the ball.


As you work on improving your long game don’t forget to spend time on the short game shots. Making more putts will always save your game! The Putting Stroke Teacher is just the tool for improving your putting.  Visit our website to see how quickly and easily you can improve your putting and lower scores.


Happy Spring golfing!